Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome

old booksWhen a skilful task needs doing at home, I often deliberate with the objective of doing it on the cheap and in the most desperate situations even considering D.I.Y. On these occasions my wife has a stock question that she often trots out;

“Are you really thinking of attempting this yourself or shall we get somebody who knows what they are doing?”

It has not been an easy journey for me to get this website up and running. As far as  the technical aspects are concerned had this responsibility fallen to me, then it would quite simply have never happened. My ignorance in such matters is absolute in its completeness and more by deliberation than accident I decided to leave the ‘brainy stuff’ to others who, as my wife would say, “know what they are doing.”  When it comes to social media, or indeed the I.T. world in general, it is well known amongst those who know me that I am probably best described as whatever the exact opposite of the term ‘savvy’ is.

I have always felt a special affininty with the following extract from  ‘A Man of Insignificance’ where the Captain is actually writing the peasants decree;

quill pen ink bottle paper

The Captains Quill Pen

“Having completed this second document to his own satisfaction he blotted it, put the top back on the ink bottle, swilled the pen clean and packed up the writing case.”

I am probably more reconciled mentally to writing with the implements in the Captain’s writing case than I am with Microsoft surface the instrument I used to write both A Man of Insignificance and my latest book The Red Hat Guide to Manchester City Centre. There is however the fundamental fact that the Captain was writing “The Peasant’s Decree.” in 1883 whereas I was writing about him in 2015. As well as this in The Red Hat Guide even though many of the characters are even older than the Captain, again I was writing about them in 2016.

These points of realisation led me slowly to the unremitting conclusion that if I was going to have any kind of communication with the readers of today then an ink bottle and a swilled pen were of no use…

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