The Red Hat Guide

The Red Hat Guide to Manchester City Centre

book cover red hat guide

Book cover to The Red Hat Guide

For those who have previously looked at my website, you will probably be familiar with the story behind the eventual publication of The Red Hat Guide to Manchester City Centre.

For those who haven’t, permit me to summarize.

Some years ago whilst enjoying an evening in my local pub I, I fell victim to an uncharacteristic spell of boasting, (mine) so concentrated was this braggart act that I talked myself into devising, organising and conducting a brief tour of Manchester city centre.

This book is quite simply that tour written up.

View from Beetham Tower

View from Beetham Tower

There are some unusual facts, amusing stories and odd bits of information that I hope will inform, entertain and amuse you.

If you would like a taste of what the book entails then I have published a short extract. I hope you enjoy it.


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