When my Agent asked me to select some literary extractions from AMOI to post on the website, I quickly realised that it was not going to be easy to make a selection. What would be the reasons for my choice?

After some consideration my reasoning and intention came to be one of providing the reader with a variety of information about the book, without this information acting as a spoiler for them for any part of the storyline. I can say now that this is not an easy task to perform with success as every sentence, however apparently uninformative (we all write them)  seemingly gives something away.

So with all this in mind and trying to comply with my Agent’s request, I looked for a variety of selection which gives a glimpse of all this.

Naturally though it is only a glimpse, if I can pursue the analogy and if you are curious to know how all these glimpses fit together to make up the complete picture, then you will have to obtain your own copy of the book.

‘The Red Hat Guide to Manchester City Centre’ is exactly as the title suggests, a guide book. When looking at extracts from the Red hat Guide for the website the opposite motivation to A Man of Insignificance was true, for I was trying to be as informative as possible. On the actual tour itself there are twenty suggested stops if you include Marple Station. There are three pubs and the ‘Peveril of the Peak’ with its two shades of pea soup green tiles is a fine example of one of them that is why I have chosen to include it in the extract.

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