The Looked After Child

The Looked After Child

It is important to remember that The Looked After Child (LAC) is a work of fiction. Nevertheless having spent many years working in the Safeguarding Children provision with both foster carers and social workers alike, I can attest to the fact that complaints and allegations feature regularly. Like all allegations, some of these are true and some are not. The Looked After Child is the second book in the Danny Senetti trilogy. It is also a book about murder, mystery and revenge. It has at its source an incredible chain of events which are precipitated by such an allegation.

Some Extractions from the Text

…Within a matter of seconds he was engulfed in red, orange and yellow, upward -searing fire. The flames licked and dashed all around him and gave off a ferocious heat. His on-fire flesh gave off a terrible burning stench. His screams went unheard on the wet, wild night…Even his blood boiled and bubbled away in that human raging inferno… a mobile phone which fell to the ground as his bones did. Chapter 1, Back Piccadilly.

…As Senetti came through the door…he noticed that sat behind her desk…her flame red hair piled high upon her head like an upended exotic giant unsliced loaf was… the formidably-natured and formidably named, Araminta Rock… Chapter 2, Monday Morning.

…At the year ending the 31st March 2015 there were a total 69,540, looked after Children, in England alone… Chapter 3 The Trefor Family.

…Are you still buying your clothes from that charity shop…the one that donates all its takings to the donkey sanctuary in Mexico or is it Bolivia? Or is it the donkey sanctuary that provides the clothes for the shop, I get mixed up. Anyway forget the clothes you need to look at your anger levels Danny…and try and be more sensitive to the feelings of others…Archie Hamilton to Danny Senetti.

…Then to his dismay he spotted them, the ‘clackers.’ Two young female social media junkies. They were staring trancelike into their hand-held devices…His disappointment never ceased when he came upon this sight and witnessed first-hand this negative addiction which now permeated every corner of modern life. Wherever you went, shop, park, library, pub, anywhere these days, there always seemed to at least one clacker who had managed to sneak in before you and was sat there lurking. Chapter 8, Winton Kiss and The Death of Jason Dunphy.

…Of course all you have is a professional relationship… Why would a beautiful, educated, wealthy young woman, like her, have anything else with a skint, scruffy, old politico drunk, like yourself?… Delilah Donegan to Danny Senetti, Chapter 22.

Copyright © 2015 K. C. Dowling

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